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Backpack pages for Chrome

In my previous post I wrote about how I have now made the switch - full time - to Chrome as my default web browser. I’d just about managed to sort out all the extra functionality I needed from existing Chrome extensions, but there was one little Firefox Add-on that I found myself missing, it’s called Backpack Pages written by Ben Mills.

Backpack pages is a nifty little Firefox Add-on that gives you a quick way to access pages stored within your Backpack account as well as allowing for quick entry of reminders. I spoke to Ben some months ago and he told me that even though he too had made the move to Chrome, he had not gotten around to porting over his Backpack Pages Add-on to Chrome. I felt that this might be a fun little project, so I set about working on a new Chrome extension inspired by Ben’s Backpack Pages.

Well I’m happy to say that there’s now a Chrome Web Store app for that. The code can be found on GitHub. But for easy installation, get Backpack pages for Chrome free from the Chrome Web Store.

There’s still a little fine tuning to do but I’m 99% happy with this extension and I’ve been using it with my own Backpack account for some time now. I hope others find some utility in it as well.

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