Why I'm not writing on Svbtle

During September of this year, I was one of what I gather was a large chunk of people that suddenly received an invite to Svbtle (the hosted blogging platform from Dustin Curtis) after applying for said invite so long ago that I can’t exactly remember when it was. Despite my usually cynical nature, I was kind of excited. I mean, sure I worked out pretty quickly that Svbtle was no longer the exclusive hangout that it once was, they’d opened their doors to the plebs to paraphrase one commentator. But whether it’s still trendy or not, I am a huge fan of the minimal ‘let the content speak for its self’ school of web design and I thought Dustin’s design of Svbtle was absolutely beautiful. Great job there, dude.

So I accepted the invitation and started to take a look around the site. It seemed pretty nice. The minimalism carried through to the rest of the UI. Optional email subscriptions for your Svbtle blog… you can BYO domain, oh that’s cool… set up Google Analytics, that’s cool as well. But then I thought hold on a sec, I had better just take a look at their terms and conditions so that I know what I’m getting myself into here. Read more...

"Online Privacy".inspect

I’ve been working in the web industry for about a decade now. My first job was customer facing technical support for an ISP, but I soon moved towards web design and development.

Throughout my life and career, I’ve never kept a blog (until now). I almost exclusively posted on forums, mailing lists, chatted on IRC etc. under a pseudonym. I stopped really even thinking about it, it became just the way I rolled.

I only created a Facebook account in late 2007 mainly to see what all the fuss was about and to appease a friend who wanted to initiate me into the Transformers Archive. I got onto Twitter in early 2009. I suspect that I created a LinkedIn account only last year also. So what’s the reason for this impressively late uptake of some of the most popular online social networking sites, especially for a person who works with the web every day? Read more...